From sugar skull symbolism to wizards, from bunnies to clowns, porcelain doll cups from Oditi Designs are all things weird and wonderful.

With a plethora of eccentric characters, a doll cup from Oditi Designs can be used as that signature pencil cup you’re looking for or make sure everyone knows which cup is yours at the office.

Distinctive doesn’t even begin to describe the incredible range of collectible doll designs available from Oditi Designs, made in signature non-toxic porcelain therefore safe to use for consuming hot and cold beverages of all kinds.

You’ll search high and low to find something as out of the ordinary as the doll cups from Oditi Designs, the cups making superb gifts for collectors of all things quirky. 

Offbeat and unconventional, Oditi Designs doll cups are all one-of-a-kind, handmade and meticulously hand painted.  Whether it’s a mini vase or a new mug you’re looking for, these non-porous porcelain dolls are handmade beauties.

Gothic friends may appreciate the creepier halloween designs featuring clowns and jokers whereas pop-culturists will adore the wizards and art icons.

Collect them all for a conversation starting feature presentation at home!




  • Bunnies with floppy ears (Yellow or White)
  • Serious Joker Face
  • Creepy Halloween Clown
  • Dark-haired Bearded Hipster
  • Días de los Muertos with Rose headband
  • Halloween
  • Art doll Frida Style
  • Moustachioed Salvador Style
  • Pink-haired Goth girl
  • Purple haired Goth girl
  • Wizard boy doll


  • Made using all non-toxic materials, safe for hot and cold beverages
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Every piece created by Oditi Designs includes the hallmark stamp feature
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Hand made
  • Hand painted


Whilst each Oditi Designs doll is one-of-a-kind, every single one is produced using natural non-toxic porcelain, often with the addition of gold lustre, depending on your chosen style of doll. 

Oditi Designs proudly supports other small Australian businesses by purchasing their ceramic materials from special suppliers based in the Central Coast of NSW, Western Sydney and oftentimes Western and South Australia.

Gold lustre is made using real gold particles suspended in a liquid, usually pine oil resin, using 12% real gold.  Due to a lack of production in Australia, the lustre is often purchased from Europe.


During university study ceramicist Cecilia produced many artworks featuring heads and faces, an inspired fusion of her Mapuche and Chilean cultural influence. 

Mapuche are often demeaned and discriminated against within Chile due to their brown skin, and Cecilia was keen to find a channel to represent diversity as beauty.

Over time the dolls developed as a means to bring joy, much like face painting at a fair. Creating playful masks such as cats, devils, bunnies and other figures to produce a marketable product with function.

Today one of Oditi Designs most popular products, the dolls are a much loved quirky product bought by customers all over the world from Germany to Japan, Norway to France and beyond.

Dolls are created using a slip casting technique, then each piece required for attachment is individually sculpted by hand, cleaned and refined with ceramicist tools.

Once bisqued and dried each piece is hand painted, glazed and boxed and ready for you to enjoy. 


Forget this year’s comic con and find your hero in doll cup form from Oditi Designs.

Every Oditi Designs doll cup/mug comes in it’s own presentation box, ready made to present as an unconventional gift for someone who sits outside the square.

Fabulous for those hard-to-buy hipster mates that are into superheroes or art icons.