Your morning ritual has never been so luxurious.

Oditi Designs pastel porcelain geometric mugs set you up for the day ahead.  The smooth details of this exquisite handmade product provide a unique sense of elegance.

Imagine curling up on the couch and enjoying the steam from your coffee in one of these distinctive handcrafted geometric mugs! Suitable for cold drinks too of course, however these handmade beauties are simply perfect for sitting by the fire sipping a hot chocolate with marshmallows.

With a superior drinking experience, Oditi’s meticulously made mugs won’t impact the flavour of your beverage.  The satisfaction of those moments you take for yourself heightened by the knowledge you’re enjoying a piece of diligently sculpted handmade functional art from a family-based home-grown Australian business.


  • Colours available:
    • Purest White
    • Marshmallow Pink
    • Buttercup Yellow
    • Cornflower Blue
  • All featuring Oditi Designs signature gold lustre embellishments
  • Every piece created by Oditi Designs include the hallmark stamp feature
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Hand made
  • Hand painted


9.5cm high

opening diameter of approximately 7.5cm

Holds approximately 350ml


  • Porcelain
  • 12% real gold lustre

Oditi chooses porcelain over stoneware or earthenware as a higher quality material that enjoys a finer texture.

An elegant yet strong material, it’s bright white characteristic colour bestows a blank canvas for the creative team behind this Australian-based small business.

Oditi Designs choose to produce ceramics using mid-range porcelain sourced from ceramic suppliers on the Central Coast of NSW, Western Sydney and other parts of Western and South Australia.

This eco-friendlier option allows Oditi Designs to lower their carbon footprint, using less time and energy within the firing process as traditional porcelain.

Gold lustre is made using real gold particles suspended in a liquid, usually pine oil resin, using 12% real gold.  Due to a lack of production in Australia, the lustre is often purchased from Europe.

To find out more about Oditi Designs and their handmade philosophy head to their About page here.


Handmade using a slip casting process, this distinctive Oditi geometric design was finalised after months of development.

With a painstaking process involving trial and error with a variety of materials, photoshop design and crafting the master mould for both the mug and the handle, this final trademark Oditi design was born.

Inspired by the shape of the Pentagonal Bifrustum, product designer Samantha presented the challenge to ceramicist Cecilia to engineer a porcelain version, potentially as a mug or something to decorate your side table with.

Once they’d finalised the form, Cecilia began decorating the pieces with hand-painted swirls and patterns, and their creations began selling.

The eye-popping edges painted in gold lustre are a welcome addition from Samantha, creating the distinctive and minimal Oditi style you see today. 

Know someone hard to buy for?  Looking to impress the boss?

Geometric mugs by Oditi Designs are the definitive gifts for mum, nan, sisters or aunties on any occasion.  Gift-ready in its own special box, geometric mugs are sure to impress those with the most discerning tastes. 

Oditi can even gift wrap and send directly to your gift recipient.  From birthdays to engagements to Mother’s Day, a gift from Oditi Designs will be appreciated and savoured for many years to come.

Care details

Wash gently in warm soapy water and your hand crafted geometric mug will last for many years to come.  Due to the gold metallic material this product must never be put into the microwave.

This mug shape is also created in a variety of painted styles which can be found here.